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Natalia Taylor

Digital Designer

A highly motivated and creative individual. I am dynamic and articulate, possessing highly polished skills and abilities working within the field of web design and marketing. I relish both embracing and offering new ideas, coupled with a high level of energy and enthusiasm, ensuring projects are innovative and implemented by key deadlines. I understand the need to deliver an exceptional product and enjoy working as part of and leading team. I have always maintained an awareness of trends and developments. All of my roles have involved a high degree of attention to both brand protection and brand values.

Technical Skills

I can say i’m quite good at













Work Experience

My previous associations

2013 -

MRM Meteorite • Kitcatt Nohr • Leagas Delaney • SMP • Proximity • Lowe Profero • McGarry Bowen • eg+ Worldwide • Natural History Museum • TM Lewin

Freelance Digital Designer

Designed and created feature pages, website icons, logos, email campaigns, social media campaigns, various online promotional and marketing campaigns including [Nissan, Honda, Patek, Pictet, Glenfiddich, M&S, San Disk, P&O Cruises, TM Lewin, Starbucks and more]

2007 -

Telegraph Media Group

Digital Designer

• Interface design and HTML – websites, emails and online marketing for TMG / TMG clients • Front-end, Flash animation & development of all banner types (basic action scripting), richmedia ads, internal and external micro websites, presentations. • Taking lead in connection with creative scoping, development & implementation for TMG email campaigns, promotions, various online promotional and marketing campaigns including [Citroen, Volvo, BMW, John Lewis, Glenfiddich, British Gas, Bupa, Cisco, Dior and many more], subdomain websites including [Telegraph Fantasy Games, Junior golf, Kindred Spirits], mobile applications development and advertising.• Selecting appropriate creative technologies for TMG solutions • Project management – including: creation of product/product templates/ product design.

2005 -

The British Museum • Splendid • Visit Britain • Start Creative  • Joshua Agency

Freelance Digital Designer

Working with agencies and managed own client base. Designed online and off line [microsites, business cards, stationaries, branding, graphics]


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